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Russian Spanish English Spanish Professional Technical Translation

Spanish Russian Professional Technical TranslationBased in Houston, Texas, NBK has been providing language translation services for businesses with international projects since 2001. We offer accurate Russian Spanish and English Spanish Professional translations and all major languages routinely for documents, manuals, drawings, website materials, marketing messages, and the green energy field for progressive companies entering the growing world markets where language translation content is vital. Precise Spanish Russian Professional Technical Translation can make the difference between success or failure in a foreign market.

Our translations are presented clearly, accurately and professionally. We assure that the quality of translation is guaranteed to be an exact translation of the original document version conveying the exact essence of words, phrases or terms fundamental to the meaning of the translation.

NBK specializes in Spanish Russian and Spanish English Professional technical translation including the following languages listed below:

  • English – Spanish
  • Spanish – English
  • Japanese – English
  • English – Japanese
  • Spanish – Russian
  • Russian – Spanish
  • Chinese – Russian
  • Russian – Chinese
  • Portuguese – Russian
  • Russian – Portuguese
  • All languages to/from Russian
  • All Languages to/from English

NBK Areas of Specialization include, but are not limited to:

  • Engineering
  • Power Generation
  • Marketing
  • Agriculture & Food
  • Transportation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Construction
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Geology/Geophysics
  • Law and Legal
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical
  • And many more

The following NBK features and services are what make us unique and successful in the field of translation services.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Technical Translation for all industry areas

NBK Features and Benefits To Clients

  • Quick Turnaround

    With several qualified staff and industry contacts all over the globe, NBK has the capacity to provide accurate translation needs on a quick turnaround basis. We only employ accredited translators, consultants, editors and proofreaders. NBK will go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals. We will work closely with you in every way possible, Your success is paramount to our continued success. Our attitude and ability to provide a fast and thorough service has enabled us to build a reputation for quality client service second to none.

    Benefit: You can respond to last minute inquiries for quotations, business opportunities and market forces with complete faith that NBK will meet your requirements accurately and on time.

    While we focus on Spanish Russian Professional translation and Russian to Spanish translations, we also translate all major language combinations.

  • Quality Control = Total Accuracy

    NBK’s carefully monitored multistage quality control system ensures the product provided to you is clear, concise and accurate. Our quality translations are created by degree-qualified specialists who must have at least 7 years of translation experience in a specific area related to a particular industry.

    Benefit: You know you can rely on NBK to present your company as totally professional and experienced in your field of business. Your words will be presented exactly as you wish them to be, without errors and without doubt or confusion. Your company image depends on accurate translations.

  • Cost Effectiveness

    NBK provides fixed cost estimates by constantly monitoring documents in our databases to ensure we do not have to translate common words or phrases. We will ensure that you receive value for you money with complete services which includes overnight or weekend work as required. Our cost-effective, time-efficient use of technology provides the Company with access to our team members and our clients regardless of their international location. Our services are provided with guaranteed satisfaction.

    Benefit: You pay less than total word count may indicate. NBK will also make recommendations to further reduce your costs where applicable. We never apply any extra charges after work has begun, we want you to come back for your future needs. NBK will be there to provide all the translation services you will ever need.

  • Foreign Regulatory Requirements

    NBK provides the translation bridge you need to meet the often challenging requirements of foreign governments, markets and clients, especially for Spanish Russian Professional translation and Russian to Spanish translations.

    Benefit: NBK understands how complex foreign regulatory requirements can be and how to respond. The costs savings to you and eliminating wasted time by presenting complete documentation the first time can be significant.

NBK Specific Services

Our services include an accurate and reliable Spanish Russian and Spanish English Technical Translations of technical documents and drawings, scientific, legal and marketing documentation, website content for all industries. The purpose of this website is primarily geared towards the Central and South American marketplace such as Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, providing Spanish Russian and Spanish English Professional translation including Portuguese  Russian and Portuguese English translations. The end result is a clear, accurate and concise message that will be conveyed to your potential market in its native language.

NBK has vast expertise in providing specialized translation services to the oil and gas, power and energy and food industries, covering such specialties as: feasibility studies, geological and geophysical surveys, ESD, PLC-based monitoring and process control systems, construction and process equipment installation/operation, finance and many other business areas pertaining to any project.

Contact NBK now for a detailed quotation and we’ll be delighted to assist you with Spanish Russian and Spanish English translation requirements or any other language requirements you might have:

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